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I have been working with Mitch since she was recommended to me nearly 6 years ago. During this time we have collaborated on off-sites, all-hands meetings, leadership training sessions, and individual coaching. Her open personality, high energy, and deep understanding of learning models & interpersonal dynamics have helped me turn fledgling organizations into focused, high productivity teams. Not only have I seen my teams gain clarity around mission, vision & goals, but during last year’s internal Microsoft employee poll, my group received the highest employee satisfaction ratings of any large engineering team. Mitch’s work within my group was certainly a key factor in that success. I recommend her without hesitation.

John Nicol
GM, Microsoft Last Mile Innovation

Suzanne brought a unique expertise to our company's retreat/workshop. We were a family owned operation that had been recently been purchased by an equity firm and, in addition to that seismic shift, had also absorbed some twenty employees from a former competitor we had purchased. Thus, she was presented with a group that had no previous history of corporate retreats as well as one just getting to know its own members. The program she designed was not just effective but it more than exceeded our expectations in team building and group dynamics. Perhaps her greatest contribution was adjusting "on the fly" to incorporate the most valuable aspects of the program we had somewhat naively designed for our ourselves into one which her years of expertise told her was right for our particular needs. There is no doubt that over that three day period we grew as a company and as individuals, thanks largely to Suzanne.

David Hirshland

President, Bug Music


One of the best investments my company has made for my leadership development has been in the form of an external coach. Throughout the years I have been a manager, I have had mentors, coaches and great leadership examples. None of these have focused on digging deep into my personal development and specifically areas I needed to improve until I started working with Mitch. Initially, I was very skeptical and didn’t understand how someone that didn’t know me could really help me with critical personal development areas. Mitch was able to take vast experiences in dealing with other leaders in my type of work environment and with my type of development areas and provide a structured process to assess and correct these areas. I learned more about myself and have been able to use specific processes and tools to address things like executive presence and maturity, managing up and across org boundaries, and being resilient in leading my organization. I strongly recommend having an executive coach to anyone looking to move to the next level of leadership and finding themselves unable to do so. This has been very instrumental in my success over the past year.

Scott Miller
GM, Intelligence and Homeland Security Practice
Microsoft Federal Services

Jan played a significant role in FareStart's transition into a new building and new era in our organization's culture. Jan utilized her Organizational Development skills to help our management team vision our new culture and how we might anticipate road blocks in order to work through them with minimal stress. Jan consistently reminded us that individuals respond differently to change and helped us make sure that staff care remained a high priority during our transition. As a result our move experience was a phenomenal success and our staff remained energized and motivated. Jan has also assisted me directly, considering complicated staff challenges and she always has valuable input. I strongly recommend Jan.

Matt Gurney

Director of Operations, Farestart

Ann displays a genuine sense of personal caring. I felt safe to open up to just about anything-personal or professional, concern or excitement. She displays an amazing level of energy and it's infectious.

Director, Swedish Medical Center

Nick was relaxed and held a state of calmness within himself that created the opportunity for us to do the same, even within an emotionally charged conversation. He intervened at the perfect moments to bring us back to what was most relevant. Your techniques were quite superb, however the gift to me was what you brought to the space. Your ability to hold us in our difficulty amazed me.

Helen, conflict resolution client

Microsoft is a dynamic environment and it is very reassuring to know that I can call Randy on the phone to help me with a tip or a tool. He always gives me a different perspective or an example to reflect on. For instance, I am now leading a team from a different continent than where I live. Randy suggested certain actions and behaviors I would see because of this shift and gave me direction on how to manage this change with my employees, clients, peers etc... It has been 3 months since I relocated and the disruption to the work we deliver or to the dynamic of my team was minimal. The support Randy provides is the foundation to my success! Thank you Randy.

Juliana Gomez
Director of Quality
Microsoft Corporation

Stacey has great communication skills, the ability to dig deep into the issues, and find a way to get the team involved in issues and remedies.  Stacey is professional, and keeps everyone, including me, on the task at hand no matter how difficult the message or solution may be.  [She] has provided developmental tools that have allowed us to grow from a mentoring to a coaching function which has significantly improved our efficiencies and leadership skills.”   “As an executive coach, Stacey Sargent is professional and results oriented. With Stacey's help I was able to bring my direct reports to a higher level of responsibility, creativity, and energy. I have recommended Stacey Sargent to many colleague who have had the same level of positive change.

Daron Vchulek

Director of Ancillary Services

The Polyclinic

Mitch is a favored consultant and facilitator for the organizations I have worked in over the last four to five years. Mitch’s ability to facilitate and drive successful meetings is complimented by her talent in identifying and conducting meaningful team building activities.

I have had the pleasure of working with Mitch on organizational development activity for understanding and managing conflict, engaging and building teams and business meeting facilitation for complex matrix teams. Mitch’s skills as an’ in the moment’ coach can shape positive dialog and interpersonal relationships. She combines theoretical content with exercises and activities creating shared meaning for those participating while simultaneously ensuring business goals are achieved. Feedback from meeting participants is consistently positive, highlighting the theme of having fun while promoting a healthy working environment.

Molly Cox

I have known Mitch for four years through an organizational assessment she did for my workgroup and from personal coaching. In her role as my coach we met on a regular basis for a period of about two years. Each time I met with her I walked away feeling that I had learned something important. Mitch has a unique ability to sort through a lot of things brought up and find something that is important and help me to take a closer look at that particular issue and understand it better. She will look for the root cause issue and not just address the symptoms that may be visible. In meetings with her I always felt both understood and safe that she would not be judgmental or jump to any conclusions. Her coaching style is to be open and sharing with her personal experiences as examples when appropriate. She brings a great deal of honesty and integrity to her coaching and I always felt encouraged to be honest and open myself.

Even though it has been some time since I was a client of hers, I still think about many of the insights she had and her words ring in my ears. Mitch has a great gift for understanding people and providing insight and feedback to them. It was a great privilege to be a client of hers and I’m sure other organizations and individuals will feel the same after working with her.

Warren Cranmer

Jan is a strategic listener and a transformative coach. Her inquisitive and compassionate work has helped me to shift my perspective and reframe my professional challenges. In my coaching work with Jan Gelman, I have learned that I own the key to my success-that by understanding the power of my interpersonal skills, I can build a greater corps of business associates and clients.

Executive Director

Gage Academy of Art

I’ve worked with Mitch on multiple levels - as a coach, as a consultant and as a facilitator. From a coach perspective, we have leveraged a % of time to talk about real-time scenarios which has been an essential part of changing behavior in real-time. In leveraging Mitch as a facilitator/consultant she has helped me to be strategic and visionary with shaping and fine tuning my organizational goals, guiding principles and execution plans right down to managing and milking the most of meeting times. She has helped me to completely turn Management feedback scores around. My career and organization have made significant gains through working with Mitch. I highly recommend her!


Sherri Brouwer

I want you to know that I really appreciate the opportunity to work with you. Even after just a couple sessions, I think the work that we’re doing together is already benefiting both the organization and me personally. You are obviously a skilled professional and a caring human being - it’s a very inspiring combo! I look forward to our continuing work together.


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