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Rate Your Team’s Effectiveness:

PURPOSE - To what degree are we clear about the purpose for our work-and how it aligns to the vision and mission of the broader company?
GOALS - How clear and aligned are we on the mission and goals of our team/projects? Do we know what is important, expected and valued?
ROLES - How well do we understand, agree on, and fulfill the roles and responsibilities for our team?
VALUES - To what degree do we have a common set of values that guide our behavior and conduct?
RESULTS - Do we consistently meet or exceed our customers needs and expectations? Do we meet goals on time and on budget?
PROCESSES - To what degree do we understand and agree on the way in which we’ll approach our project and our team?
COMMUNICATION - Do we communicate effectively with each other? Do we have the information needed to perform our job?
DECISION MAKING - Do we have opportunities to participate in planning and decision making? To what degree do we follow through on the decisions we make?
COMMITMENT - Do we have a strong sense of camaraderie and commitment on our team? Are we invested in one another’s success?
CONFLICT - Do we negotiate conflicts effectively when they arise?
CLIMATE - Is the general climate in our team is positive? Do we maintain a professional & respectful environment? Are different Opinions and ideas valued and considered?
INTERPERSONAL - Are the relationships on our team working well? How is our level of trust, openness and acceptance?
REWARD AND OPPORTUNITY - Are we clear about how we are evaluated and rewarded? Do Opportunities exist for us to learn, and pursue personal career aspirations?

Assess Your Meeting Culture:

We consistently meet the objectives that we set out to discuss at meetings
We have a well organized agenda planned before each meeting
Everyone in the room is engaged and included in the discussion
Frequently, there are one or more people who dominate the conversation
When we make decisions we follow trough and take action
We balance our time effectively between tactical issues (status updates or urgent problems) and strategic outlook (vision for future, alignment, 1-5 year planning)
People complain that meetings are a waste of time
Team members are sometimes bored or disengaged
We discuss topics that are relevant to everyone in the room
Our meetings are results focused
We are in the habit of paraphrasing each other to ensure that we understand each others point of views
Our meetings are interactive and everyone has a voice
Attendance at meetings is consistently high
The right people are invited to attend our meetings

Dynamic Interactions is committed to building exceptional leaders and teams with successful programs that include;
executive and management coaching, team building, meeting facilitation and customized programs that result in improved
project efficiency and employee productivity, increased morale and enhanced communication effectiveness.

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