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When it comes to achieving measurable results for leadership coaching there is no magic silver bullet.

Coaching at the upper levels of management is hard work for those involved and very often challenges the basic assumptions and habits that have been developed over many years of career development. And yet, it is exactly this kind of challenge that is required to get performance to the next level and beyond. Leading in a way that is consistent with your values, while at the same time respecting the values and needs of the people you lead is no simple task.

When working with top-level executives, managers, and teams, the solutions for success lie not in pre-packaged formulas. Instead the best approach is one that is customized to meet individual needs. It is an approach that is flexible, insightful and incorporates many coaching tools that are then tailored to each situation and circumstance.

To achieve this unique and tailored coaching approach, Dynamic Interactions’ coaching programs

are based on 4 primary methods:

One-on-One Meetings: In this important coaching component, clients work directly with a senior coach to discuss their strengths and challenges of leadership. Challenges could include anything limiting the success of the individual leader, the company, a project, team performance or a combination that includes any of these things.

360° Feedback: No one lives in a vacuum. Performance insights and guidance from our senior coaches require a “big picture” understanding. With our systematic 360° Feedback process, 10-12 people who work closely with the leader who is receiving the coaching, will be carefully and candidly interviewed to discover what the perceived strengths and weakness are, as well as what is most appreciated and what may need improvement and the reasons why.

Observation Time: Dynamic Interactions coaching is very much a hands on, roll-up-your-sleeves approach that gets to the heart of the actual challenges clients are facing rather than merely relying on phone conversations or hearsay. The coach that is assigned to you will observe you in real-time and in real work settings (conference calls, meetings, presentations, and other relevant situations/interactions) in order to gain insight about how you “show up” as a leader. This process allows for feedback that is designed to produce positive changes and give the client the benefit of neutral observations that are free of company or worker bias or assumption.

Meetings with other key stakeholders: Feedback from a coach is of course vitally important. But often equally important is feedback from a client’s team, peers and managers. To realize the greatest benefit from these resources, our coaches facilitate private feedback discussions between the parties who have direct working relationships and are thus critical components in the path to achieving understanding and success.

What you can expect from your coach:

  • Attention that is 100% focused on your challenges
  • In-depth exploration of values, vision, and behaviors
  • Honest, relevant and timely feedback
  • Perspective that is non-judgmental and in support of your development
  • Challenge to make sure are acting in accordance with your goals
  • Accountability that ensures that you are doing what you say you will
  • Regular check-ins after the process (every 8-10 weeks) progress follow-up
  • Compassion, insight and encouragement
  • Options for alternative approaches or resources

What your coach will expect of you:

  • Focus on challenges that matters most
  • Goal setting
  • Honesty
  • Willingness to challenge yourself
  • Patience
  • Persistence
  • Accountability
  • Taking Action!

Benefits that clients have reported from coaching:

  • Heightened ability to set clear vision and to enlist others in it
  • Mobilize energy and commitment on teams
  • Establish clear roles, goals, and expectations
  • Reinforce and build stronger relationships with those critical to your success
  • Realize a greater ability to identify and effectively navigate the complexities of business
  • Accelerated ability to manage time and priorities
  • Empowered decision making
  • Expanded skills to have positive impact and influence
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • Heightened self-awareness
  • Increased confidence and job satisfaction
  • Stronger networking skills
  • Improved performance reviews

Dynamic Interactions is committed to building exceptional leaders and teams with successful programs that include;
executive and management coaching, team building, meeting facilitation and customized programs that result in improved
project efficiency and employee productivity, increased morale and enhanced communication effectiveness.

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