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Michelle “Mitch” Shepard - President


Mitch has worked in the leadership development field for 20 years. Back in the day she led outdoor expeditions for executive teams and managers; helping people push beyond their perceived limitations and unite to achieve big goals. Now Mitch works with business leaders using her unique insight to catalyze motivated leaders toward new and unchartered levels of success.

Mitch’s style focuses on building awareness and taking action. As a coach, consultant and trainer/facilitator, Mitch holds clients accountable, challenging them to make tough choices and follow through. Clients appreciate her energy, humor and realism. Mitch is known for helping leaders make pronounced changes that lead to professional satisfaction and achievement.

Mitch appreciates the intensity her clients face and enjoys being a thinking partner to her clients as they navigate the many complex layers of business. She understands the importance of strong alliances and helps her clients build and sustain the relationships that are critical to their success.

Mitch has worked with teams and leaders in many different industries including high-tech (Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Intuit), airline, insurance, educational institutions, security, retail, banks, and resort hotels. She works with a wide spectrum of disciplines including sales, marketing, engineering, finance, HR, operations, services, and IT.

Mitch holds a bachelors degree in Business Economics and Accounting from UC Santa Barbara, and a Masters degree in Applied Behavioral Science from Bastyr University. She is also certified in a number of assessments to help her clients build awareness and skills in Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Resolution, Feedback, Change Management, Values, Working Styles and Personality.

In her ‘off’ time you will find her enjoying her family and the outdoors—hiking, cooking, reading and seeking new places to travel. She lives in Seattle with her husband and two children.

Contact Information

email: mitch@dynamicinteractions.com
phone: (206) 851-0577

Dynamic Interactions is committed to building exceptional leaders and teams with successful programs that include;
executive and management coaching, team building, meeting facilitation and customized programs that result in improved
project efficiency and employee productivity, increased morale and enhanced communication effectiveness.

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